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Teabay Inc

Situated in the bustling heart of Toronto, Ontario, Teabay Inc. stands as a beacon of premium tea importation. Their latest venture, a design collaboration to craft a modern, upscale logo and minimalist packaging, marks a pivotal step in redefining their brand.





Teabay Inc.

Logo & Packaging

The essence of the project lies in the harmony of simplicity and boldness. The logo, characterized by its clean lines and impactful presence, sets a new standard in the tea industry. It is a representation not just of a brand, but of a lifestyle - one that speaks to the discerning tea connoisseur. This design philosophy extends to the packaging, where a minimalist approach reigns supreme. A sleek vinyl sticker adorns the kraft pouch packaging, offering a tactile and visually appealing experience. The design ensures that the logo remains the focal point, a beacon of luxury and sophistication amidst a sea of information.

My approach was to create an experience, not just a product. The packaging is designed to be more than just a container; it's an introduction to a world of premium teas, each detail meticulously crafted to enhance the customer's journey. By combining the natural texture of the kraft material with the contemporary flair of the logo, we've created a packaging that stands out on the shelves, beckoning the upscale clientele that Teabay Inc. aspires to attract. This project is not just a design accomplishment for Teabay Inc.; it's a statement of their evolution and growth in Toronto's competitive tea market.

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