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Safari Secrets

Embarking on a culinary adventure, Safari Secrets presents an updated takeout menu that encapsulates the vibrant spirit of East African fusion cuisine.





Safari Secrets

Print Design

Crafted with the modern university student and young adults in mind, this menu redesign focuses on a blend of simplicity and visual appeal that resonates with the dynamic age group of 18-35. The challenge was to rejuvenate the restaurant's branding with a menu that not only serves up delectable dishes but also serves as a feast for the eyes. With the restaurant's logo as the muse, unique patterns were woven throughout the layout, infusing the menu with an authentic East African essence that complements the fusion theme.

Typography played a significant role in this transformation. A rounded font with sharp edges was meticulously selected to make menu items stand out, conveying freshness and modernity. The menu items leap off the page, drawing the eye and whetting the appetite with their bold presentation.

In terms of functionality, the design overhaul has led to a more cost-effective menu format. By transitioning from an older brochure style to a sleeker, more streamlined design, Safari Secrets achieved an impressive 20% savings in printing costs without compromising on style or substance.

The new menu is not just a list of offerings but a visual journey. It is a testament to thoughtful design that marries cost-efficiency with aesthetic delight, tailored to capture the hearts and appetites of its audience. With clean lines, youthful patterns, and mouth-watering imagery, Safari Secrets invites diners to explore the rich tapestry of flavors within its pages.

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