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Mood Coffee





Mood Coffee

Nestled in the heart of Muscat, Oman, Mood Coffee emerges as a premium brand that promises to delight coffee aficionados with an upscale experience that's within reach. The branding project was cultivated to resonate with coffee enthusiasts aged 25 to 45, who cherish quality without the exorbitance.

The resulting visual identity is more than just a brand mark; it's an experience. From the very first glance, the "Mood Coffee" design invites customers to a world where their love for coffee is both understood and indulged. It's where the rich, deep tones of the branding echo the depth of flavor in every cup, and the crisp white accents promise a fresh, clean palette with each visit.

With this branding project, "Mood Coffee" is poised to become not just a beverage choice but a lifestyle statement. It's a brand that doesn't just serve coffee—it serves a moment, a feeling, a mood.

At the heart of the "Mood Coffee" brand identity is a harmonious blend of sophistication and whimsical charm. The logo, a playful wordmark, encapsulates the brand's essence—where every sip is a mood in itself. The simple yet captivating design of the logo invites patrons into a world where their mood is understood and catered to.

Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of coffee culture, the brand pattern incorporates elements that reflect the organic and aromatic journey of coffee beans. The color palette is a homage to the beverage itself, with varying shades of coffee brown enveloping the senses and white spaces symbolizing the brand's clean, fresh approach.

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