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2200 North





2200 North

2200 North the go-to pub and grill nestled in the heart of Ontario Tech University's ice rink, has reimagined the culinary experience for its patrons. The re-opening heralded not just a new chapter in dining but also introduced a revamped menu design, curated to resonate with the vibrant student body.

The success of the initial menu revitalization led to the creation of three additional versions, each update reflecting the evolving tastes and preferences of the student clientele. These menus are not just lists of options but a canvas where gastronomy and graphic design converge to enhance the dining narrative.

Printed on glossy paper, the menus invite the touch as much as the dishes tempt the palate, ensuring that from the moment students sit down to the last sip of their drinks, they are engaged in an experience that is both comforting and exciting. 2200 North stands as a culinary hub where every meal is a celebration of student life, every bite a testament to quality, and every menu a page from a story of continuous innovation and connection.

Gone are the days of the old leather-bound tomes. The menu now sports a sleek, contemporary look that mirrors the youthful and dynamic spirit of the university's culture. Legal-size glossy pages bring to life the plethora of delectable offerings, from hearty shareables to tantalizing entrees, each dish beckoning with the promise of flavor and zest.

The design harmoniously balances the robust energy of a grill's offerings with the refreshing coolness of the rink, serving up a visual feast that complements the culinary one. With the Canadian maple leaf subtly nodding to the national pride and a plane's trail suggesting adventure, the logo encapsulates both the heritage and the forward-moving momentum of the student community.

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